Saturday, January 25, 2014

FETC with FLGA Lutheran Educators

It's FETC time again! This year we will bring back our Florida-Georgia District educators' gathering on Thursday of FETC. Come on over to the Rosen Centre, right across the street from the Orange County Convention Center.

We'll meet around 6 PM for drinks and fellowship. Come meet other Florida-Georgia Lutheran educators who are also attending FETC. I'll be there to greet you and to convene our little gathering.

Drop me an email (fetcflga -at-, voice mail, or text (239-244-1354) if you're going to be at FETC, or to hook up for the Thursday evening gathering, Jan. 30, 2014 at the Rosen Centre Lobby Bar. I hope to see you there!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

FETC Update: New Host for FL-GA Get-together!

I was all set to go, but my wife fell and broke her knee (ouch)! So, now look for Jamie Wagner on Wednesday night at the Rosen Centre. Everything else remains the same as posted previously, including the posting of your notes and audio (or pictures) on this blog. Please send them to me as mentioned in the previous post.

I'll miss being there with you this year, but look forward to reading and listening to your posts!


Saturday, January 12, 2013

FETC 2013 Florida-Georgia District Gathering

by Paul Schwan

FETC is just a couple of weeks away, and many of us are registered and waiting for the upcoming ed-tech conference. For those Lutheran educators who plan to attend, there's a special Wednesday (Jan. 30, 2013) evening gathering planned for you, with "your first drink courtesy of the Florida-Georgia District" (sponsored by Bob Ziegler, Lutheran Administrator's Association president). Walk across the street from the Orange County Convention Center to the Rosen Centre lobby lounge. We will meet immediately following concurrent session 6, which ends at 5 PM. Walk out the front door, across International Drive, and into the Rosen Centre lounge. It's a couple of steps down into the lounge area. Look for me — Paul Schwan — I'll be there with your "free drink" ticket!

I just called the Rosen Centre, and they told me that if you say you're meeting someone in the lobby lounge for drinks, they'll let you park in the Rosen Centre parking lot for free. Tell them you're with FETC.

If you email me I'll give you my phone/text number so we can meet up. Or, use my google voice number to leave a voice or text message (be sure to include your name and contact info in the message). Either way, I hope to see you there!

email: fetcflga -at-
voicemail/text message: 239-244-1354

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Middle school Games and Project Ideas

Edmodo Group CS9278
Assessing Academic Achievement Through Fun and Games

6-12th grade social studies teachers will learn about creative, project-based assessment tools utilizing technology that they may already have or is free and downloadable. Assessing through creative, technology based projects encourages student comprehension and analysis of material because it inadvertently enforces learning. Students will go beyond expectations and standards because what they are doing is enjoyable, yet challenging!

From the Edmodo post:

FETC 2012
Thursday, January 26
Middle school Games and Project Ideas
Presenter: Dayna Perry

I. Projects v. Traditional Assessments
A. Comprehension v. Regurgitatino
B. Integration of concepts
C. Learner becomes the Master
D. Motivate 
    1. Creativity, cognitive engagement
    2. Technology based projects
    3. Encouraging comprehension and analysis of material
    4. Students will go beyond expectations
II. Tools
A. PhotoStory 
    1. Easy enough for a 1st grader to use
    2. Other ideas for MS  
        a. Single class period assignment 
            i. Picture order to explain an event
           ii. Key term definition
          iii. Poetry video
          iv. Preview of a chapter 
B. Movie Maker and iMovie 
    1. iMovie on the iPad is $4.99
    2. Cannot record your voice and have a song on MM 
        a. Have the music playing in the background while you record 
    3. Windows live (Windows 7)
    4. Students have accounts with United Streaming (what it this?) 
C. Google SketchUp 
    1.    2. 3D modeling program
    3. Ideas: 
        a. Temples of the Greek gods
        b. Medieval castles
        c. American Revolutionary War Theme Park 
D. SMART Notebook 
    1. Collaborative student-driven teaching
    2. GAMES! 
        a.  Use Bloom's taxonomy 
E. Storytelling Alice--FREE 
    1. To versions--MS and HS-college
    2.    3. Basic 3D programming  
F. WebQuest Creator 
    1. Many FREE available at    2. Student-produced quests
    3. Students learn to differentiate helpful sites
    4. Can use video, photo 
G. WordPress, Webs 
    1. FREE web based blog site
    2. Students design their site
    3. Students import pictures, video
    4. Students respond to and make comments
    5. Students collaborate and have all of their voices heard

Posted by Nikki 

Wonders of Web 2.0

Wonders of WEB 2

99 FREE Cool Tools-“You May Have Missed”

(Note: Jamie also shared this website:

Dr. Howie DiBlasi

Emerging Technologies Evangelist”

Digital Journey

TWITTER: hdiblasi

Presentation : 2012 

TWITTER: hdiblasi 

Skype: durangodirectore-mail:

Docs from workshops-

3 kinds of people

1. Visitors

2. Rentors

3. Owners

Backchannel Todays Meet

What can I do to change my classrooms?
Our teaching should instead focus on the verbs (i.e. skills) students need to master, …that learning depends on skills instead of tools….

Creativity and Innovation
Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
Research/ Information Fluency
Digital Citizenship
Technology Operations/Concepts
Develop Digital-Age Learning
Model Digital-Age Work and Learning
Model Digital Citizenship / Responsibility
Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership

So what CORE SKILLS do employers seek.

Skills for success – CORE SKILLS - employers seek.
Communication (oral –written- presentation)
Critical and analytical thinking
Information gathering, evaluation & synthesis
Collaboration & Teamwork
Know more about the world-(Global citizens)
Ambition, self-awareness & an inquiring mind
Think outside the box- (Creativity and innovation)
Community involvement

FREE Resources
Edutopia's Hubert Yee
Pulled together recommendations
must-try Web 2.0 tools. Check them out and add to the list!
1HO-80 Online Tools, References, and Resources

101 Time-Saving Google Tricks for Education, Work, Play and Learning (not all checked 1-10-2012

Thanks to: Best University - Search Top Online College Degrees

The Internet is full of useful tools and hacks that keep you more focused and efficient, but you have to know which ones are best.
Participants will learn Google tricks that can help you lead a more streamlined, stress-free existence, from your personal to your school or work life.
This large list of 101 Google tricks can help you lead a more streamlined, stress-free existence, from your personal to your school or work life.

Gmail- Save time and clean up your Gmail inbox with these helpful e-mail hacks.

Gaggle – Service to pull emails in law suits
Mute or ignore: Mute or ignore annoying conversations or conversations that are wasting your precious time by using the m key.
Gmail Search: Most Gmail users know how to use this tool, but if you’re always losing messages in your inbox, use Gmail Search to bring them back up.
Voice and video chat: This new feature lets you video chat in your Gchat box.
Emoticons: Use one of Gmail’s newest emoticons to convey a message without having to type it all out.
AIM in Gmail: Streamline all of your instant message contacts when you access AIM through Gmail.
Editing labels: Get more organized and save time when you use the new colored labels that you can edit, rename and more.
Quick Contacts: This auto-show feature highlights your most-used contacts so it’s easy to find them for a chat.
Group chat: Have a quick virtual meeting with your colleagues or classmates with this feature.
Mail Fetcher: Access mail from other accounts through your Gmail account with Mail Fetcher.
Faster PDF previews: View PDF previews in your browser by clicking on the new "view" link.
Teachers and students will be able to get more done in less time with these Google tricks.
  1. Geo Education: Forget field trips to the museum or planetarium. Use Geo Education to quickly zap your kids into outer space or around the world with this set of tools.
  2. iGoogle: Set up your own homepage for your classroom, or if you’re a student, customize your iGoogle page to include helpful study resources, news updates and more.
  3. Custom Search Engine: Save time during your searches by limiting the kinds of sites, the display and more for your search.
  4. Google Notebook/Google Docs: Use this simple, remote access text document for taking notes, recording class information and more.
  5. Google Groups: Set up a study group or help your students organize their own group projects with this feature.
  6. Page Creator: Use Page Creator to set up an attractive, easy-to-access web page for students, parents and more.
  7. News: Quickly pull news stories off the Internet with this feature.
  8. Book Search: Using Book Search, you can quickly find full college text books, excerpts, nonfiction texts and more.
  9. Google Scholar: Students and teachers can use this search engine when they need quality, authoritative information for lectures, research projects and papers.
  10. Patent Search: Use Patent Search to search over 7 million patents, images and more.
Business and Work
When you want to save time on meetings, organize your files and or stay on top of your coursework, use these tools.
  1. Google Pack: Use Google Pack as a free solution to a desktop organizer, notifier, 3d model maker and more.
  2. Archive your e-mails: Use this simple system to keep your e-mails safe and organized without having to waste time with hard files.
  3. E-mail encryption: Google helps you send encrypted messages to your business associates with this system.
  4. Google Video: Avoid lengthy meetings by hosting web conferences with Google Video–a safe, private feature.
  5. Google Checkout: Cut out the middle man when you use this online shopping app for your site.
  6. Finance: Use Google Finance to quickly catch up on the stock market and all other finance news that will affect your business in the blink of an eye.
  7. Knol: Knol is a Google app that lets business professionals and other experts share their knowledge online and network with other members.
  8. Calendar: Keep all of your to-do lists and appointments straight in one spot with Google Calendar.
  9. SketchUp: Architects, web designers and other professionals can use this tool to create 3D models online.
  10. Sites: Use this feature to give you a head start on creating a website for your business, which can save you time with marketing, networking, selling products and more.
iPhone and Mobile Apps
Turn to this list of tricks and tools for saving time and making your iPhone, BlackBerry or cell phone more efficient.
  1. New Gmail for the iPhone: This new display for the iPhone makes it easier for you to check Gmail on your mobile.
  2. Tips for Google Mobile Search: Make the most out of your Google-powered search with these mobile-friendly tips.
  3. Voice Search: Search by speaking into your phone with this time saver.
  4. My Location: Find local businesses near your location with this tool that uses your iPhone as a navigator.
  5. Use the apps tab: iPhone users can hit the Apps tab at the bottom of their screen to quickly shop Google services.
  6. Google Talk for BlackBerry: This app is available to Black Berry users. Features include fast messaging, emoticons, customizable status messages, and more.
  7. Google SMS for Search: Read this guide to help you use Google SMS for your mobile searches.
  8. Android: Check out this free mobile platform to fuel multitasking and make your apps run better.
  9. Google SMS: Use this text messaging service for a quick and easy way to connect.
  10. Calendar Alerts with SMS: Use your SMS to get Google calendar alerts, even if you’re away from your desk.
Travel and Transportation
Travelers and those who want to learn more about their city can use these Google tips and tools.
  1. Google Earth: Ditch the compass and use this app to find your away around a new city. You can even track your flight status.
  2. GOOG 411: Look up local businesses, restaurants and more with this tool.
  3. Google Maps: Find addresses, get recommendations for local hotspots, and explore a new city or state.
  4. Translate: If you’re traveling internationally, use this tool to translate menus, conversations and more.
  5. Mobile Maps: Using Mobile Maps, you can view maps, get directions and find local information easier and faster.
  6. Currency Converter: Check currency rates and conversions with this mobile-friendly tool.
  7. Area Code Map: Get areas codes with this shortcut.
  8. FAA Airplane Registration Numbers: Get an airplane’s history and description by searching its FAA airplane registration number.
  9. Flight Status/Flight Tracker: Subscribe to this shortcut to get flight tracking information.
  10. Gchart: Find out what time it is anywhere in the world using Gchart.
Search Tips and Tools
For a faster, more efficient search, turn to this list.
  1. Search Features: Customize your search so that it’s easier to find sport scores, local information, and more.
  2. Dictionary Definitions: Learn how to quickly look up words directly from Google.
  3. site:: If you only want results for a particular web page, type in site: before the name.
  4. link:: This is an especially good tool for bloggers who want to track back links to their site. Type link: and link back to whatever site you put in next.
  5. Keyboard Shortcuts: This Firefox app will let you move around Google’s search results with your arrow keys.
  6. Blog Search: When you only want to find posts and images from blogs, use this search.
  7. Product Search: Get shopping and product information here.
  8. Toolbar: Add a Google Toolbar to Firefox to quickly access your favorite button and share your top sites.
  9. Browser Buttons: Install Browser Buttons to connect to Google Search even faster.
  10. Default Search Engine: Save time by eliminating useless searches and lame search engines by making Google your default.
Life Hacks
From cutting down on finding your daily news to organizing your desktop to tracking packages, these Google tricks will quickly become indispensable.
  1. Desktop: Keep your desktop organized with this customizable feature.
  2. Google Alerts: Stay on top of your appointments, workouts, goals, and social life with this alerts tool.
  3. Use Google Reader: Google Reader will save you a lot of time searching for blogs and checking your favorite sites everyday. It compiles your most-read and starred items in one simple interface.
  4. Mobile: Google Mobile will keep you connected to your Google accounts anywhere.
  5. Track packages: Here you’ll learn how to track your packages with Google Maps.
  6. Convert temperatures: Type "[temperature][C/F] to [F/C]" to get the correct temperature.
  7. Find phone numbers: This tutorial will show you how to quickly find a phone number using Google search.
  8. Calculator: Use the search bar as a calculator.
  9. Movies: Type in movies or the name of the film plus your zip code to get showtimes.
  10. Google Homepage: Shave seconds or even minutes off your day by making Google your default home page. You’ll connect to Gmail, perform searches and more with just a click or two instead of having to type everything out.
Google Docs
These shortcuts will save you time when you use Google Docs.
  1. Undo: Ctrl Z will undo any edits or changes you’ve made to the document.
  2. Go the top or title: Move up to the top of your document by typing Ctrl Home.
  3. Change alignment: Change your page’s alignment by typing Ctrl L, Ctrl E, or Ctrl J, for left, center and full justify, respectively.
  4. Add a comment: Press Ctrl M to add comments to your document.
Learn how to quickly access directories, get vehicle information and more using these shortcuts.
  1. FCC Equipment IDs: Look up equipment ID numbers using this method.
  2. Vehicle Information: Find information about any vehicle by typing in the VIN number.
  3. UPC Codes: Track UPC codes here.
  4. Directory: Directory connects you to references for time, world records, libraries, maps, museums and more.
  5. Video: Find videos faster with this feature.
  6. Stock Quotes shortcut: Get stock quotes from Google with this shortcut method.
  7. Images: Conduct a faster image search here.
Firefox Add-ons
Firefox users can download these applications for even more time-saving tricks for Google.
  1. Locator: Find highlighted addresses on a Google map with this button.
  2. GBookmarks: Access your bookmarks from any computer with this tool.
  3. Back to Google 1.2: Immediately return to your last Google results page by clicking this button.
  4. Send to Google Docs: This tool supports PDF, Microsoft Office and Open Office via Google Docs.
  5. Google Results Walker: Quickly navigate Google results with this add-on.
  6. Gooblebar Lite 4.6.8: This Google toolbar supports 12 search types.
  7. Google Calendar Quick Add: Add an event to your Google Calendar even faster with this shortcut.
  8. Color Results: Find your search terms in a web page or document when you install this add-on.
  9. Bookmarks Button: Manage Google Bookmarks from your Firefox toolbar with this tool.
  10. Search Videos: This one-click button lets you highlight search criteria and search videos faster.
Keyboard Shortcuts
Use these keyboard shortcuts when navigating your Gmail account to make sending, sorting and reading e-mails more efficient.
  1. To compose: To compose a new message, hit Shift + c.
  2. Move to updated conversation: Press k to move up your conversation to newer messages.
  3. Open a conversation: Press Enter to open up a conversation or close it.
  4. Search: Press the / key to move into the search box.
  5. Reply: To reply to an e-mail, if you’re already in conversation view, hit shift + r. For reply all, press shift + a.
  6. Forward: To forward a message you’re viewing in conversation mode, hit shift + f.
For Google Spreadsheets and beyond, these tricks will keep you from wasting any more time during the day.
  1. Select entire column: spreadsheets: Type Ctrl spacebar to select the whole column in your spreadsheet.
  2. Select entire row: Hit Shift Spacebar to select an entire spreadsheet row.
  3. Google Shortcuts from GreaseMonkey: Use this script to be able to search for lyrics, search UrbanDictionary and search Wikipedia with just one type.
  4. Google Analytics Shortcut: This shortcut costs $10 but hacks Google Analytics for you.

HO >>>>> Best Free Online Document Collaboration

  • Crocodoc

  • Tool to collaborate on PDFs

  • Word and Powerpoint documents

  • Highlight, add or strike out text

  • Add a note to a document shared by an URL.

  • Adding password protection is limited to paid-for accounts.

What is a MASHUP ?

100 Things to do with Google Maps Mashups

Short list: My TOP List

See where UFOs have been sighted

Check what's on the other side of the world

Find the elevation/height above sea level

Map the 7 Wonders of the World

Simulate a flood to show damage effects

Fly a plane

Find a world webcam

Did you ever dream of digging a hole so deep it came out the other side of the earth?

Google Maps in Education

  • Cool things to do in Google Maps:

Social Studies: GOOGLE - ... MAPS & MAPPING
Cool things to do in Google Maps:

Virtual Push Pin example

40 Interesting Ways* to use Google Maps in the Classroom

2 Hot Potato 
ree tool. Build your own crosswords, matching exercises, short answer multiple-choice, and jumbled sentences. Downloadable app
RubiStar is a free tool to help teachers create quality rubrics
Create a Rubric
Choose a Topic below to create a new rubric based on a template:

iRubric: The only free rubric builder and assessment tool. Working with rubrics has never been easier. Build, Assess, Share, and Collaborate using our intuitive ...

Over 164,000 rubrics and growing...

Kathy Schrock – Richards GREAT Ideas

3 HO -Free Resources and Lesson Plans for Teaching with Technology

Scientific American's 60 Second podcasts
Scientific American's 60 Second podcasts

Educational, interesting, and entertaining way to start a science class.

Quick lessons from a variety of science topics
Engage your audience
world's premier online video editor
seamlessly integrated on your website
edit your own videos on JayCut's community.
CREATIVE commons link:
Free images for your inspiration, reference and use in your creative work, be it commercial or not!
Easy to add your own photos to the morgueFile. Give back because this archive is for creatives by creatives.
Why is it called morgue file? Click here and find out.

ZAMZAR: On-line file conversion:
Convert iPod files into other formats

Web link:

4 HO- Free online file converter -

Convert media files online from one format into another. Please select the target format below:

Google News Timeline
Organizes information chronologically.

View news, scanned newspapers
Magazines, blog posts, sports scores
Zoomable, graphical timeline.
Google News Archive Search
Archive search provides an easy way to search and explore historical archives.

Finding the Right Tool-Types of Tools-36
1. Thinkfinity:
2. National Geographic Xpeditions:
3. Culture Grams:
4. Asia Society:
5. BBC for Kids:
6. New York Times, Lesson Plans:
7. Teacher Corner:
8. Slide Share:
9. Free Rice-Vocabulary Site:
10. Free Poverty-Geography Site:
11. Learner:
12. International Reading Association:
13. OWL at Purdue U:
14. Blue Grammar Book:
15. ESL Flashcards:
16. Spellanywhere:
17. Rick Walton:
18. Fires in the Mind:
19. Edhelper:
20. RubiStar:
21. Byrd Seed Gifted Lessons:
22. Imagination Soup:
23. TED:
24. Professional Garfield:
25. Kid Blog:
26. That Quiz:
27. Academic Skill Builders:
28. Circle the Cat:
29. Sheppard Software:
30. Storyline Online:
31. ABCya!:
32. Study Zone:
33. Florida Assessment for Instruction in Reading:
34. Super Teacher Worksheets:
35. Discovery Education Streaming:
36. Busy Teacher’s Café:
37. Global Tech School:
38. Diigo:
39. Vocabulary and Spelling City:
40. Making Curriculum Pop:

5 HO- Classroom 2.0 - All Members ( 58,819 ) SIGNED UP
This is where most of my networking beyond my regional area started for me. I joined this Ning network early this year and found that the sharing created richer opportunities to find out what was happening in our Read/Write Web. Your Educational Technology Resource is a highly specialized educational directory with FREE categorized resources, lesson plans, clipart, and site sets for educators, teachers, ...

Curriki- With over 50,000 k-12 learning resources we're set to serve over a 250,000 teachers and learners in 2011!
As a ground-breaking online community that promotes collaboration and transparency, Curriki truly embodies the values of teaching in the 21st century.” By joining with Curriki, we’re giving 3.2 million members access to a wide range of tools and ideas.

Free site
Creating and sharing tests
Innovative, easy-to-use interface
User-friendly website
Excellent hands-on tutorials

Social networking aspect that is ideal for 21st Century learning through collaboration and the sharing of tests and answers

Skills for success – CORE SKILLS - employers seek.
Communication (oral–written-presentation)
Critical and analytical thinking
Information gathering, evaluation & synthesis
Collaboration & Teamwork
Know more about the world-(Global citizens)
Ambition, self-awareness & an inquiring mind
Think outside the box- (Creativity and innovation)
Community involvement

Bubbl –
What is it? is a simple and free web application that lets you brainstorm online.
Why use
Because you can:
Create colorful mind maps online
Share and work with friends
Embed your mind map in your blog or website
Email and print your mind map
Save your mind map as an image

And it's FREE!

Google+ Project: It's Social, It's Bold, It's Fun, And It Looks Good — Now For The Hard Part
Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs - When and Why to Use Each by Lisa Nielsen
Do I really need to join another social network?
If I join Google+ can I give up Facebook, Twitter, and blogs?
What is the benefit of each?
Presentation Skills

Create a Voki to tell your story
Voki Lesson Plans
>>>> Integration ideas for Voki
One teacher of a Spanish class introduced Voki to the class to facilitate the learning process. After encouraging students to write a small description of 80 - 100 words on their home town, students were given time with the software to create their own Voki using the Spanish description. Here is one of their examples:  Lesson plan -

Using Blogs and Voki to increase motivation and oral participation amongst boys in Modern Foreign Languages
Glogster Glogster.EDU
Lesson ideas to foster creativity and higher order thinking skills

Teachers and students can create interactive posters for research, websites, presentations, reflection,

6 HO -For Teachers - Kerpoof Scholastics™Kerpoof's multimedia software is used by kids worldwide to create original artwork, animated movies, stories, greeting cards and more. ... USED TO BE BRODEBOND now scholastic

7HO- Zoho Show 3.0
The all-new Zoho Show 3.0 comes with a rich user interface that lets you create impact, not just presentations. Engage your audience and get your ideas across in a visually appealing way. is a web-based diagram editor. Create and share flowcharts, network diagrams, floor plans, user interface designs and other drawings online.

Collaborate Instantly with Anyone

Whether you use Gliffy as a plugin or online, share and collaborate on your diagrams instantly.

Explains and illustrates the different types, and provides a step-by-step guide to creating examples for downloading and printing.

Bubbl –
What is it? is a simple and free web application that lets you brainstorm online.
Why use
Because you can:
Create colorful mind maps online
Share and work with friends
Embed your mind map in your blog or website
Email and print your mind map
Save your mind map as an image

And it's FREE!

Use VoiceThread
Takes story telling using online cartoon strip makers
Allowing students to spark life into characters
Create short animations
Tool to foster creativity and engage students.

Animate your drawings in minutes.
Simple-to-use tools
Engaging design
Multiple levels
Fun, rewarding experience
Users are led through three optional levels of increasing animation skill. Wiggledoodle-ish allows the user to draw, trace, and animate with three frames. Flipbook-ish allows the user to create animation using an infinite number of frames and higher-level tool sets. Advanced-ish introduces the mover tool, which allows for more complex animations using foregrounds and backgrounds.

Creating Comic Books - How To Create Comic Books - Can you make Cartoons?
Create a Comic Book.
Each student can turn a book, or part of it, into a comic book
Complete with comic-style illustrations and dialogue bubbles.

The Virtual Presentation Assistant
University of Michigan – How to Give a Talk-
How to Conquer the Fear of Public Speaking-
Overcoming Speaking Anxiety in Meetings and Presentations
Speech Preparation As A Process-
How to Use Transitions Effectively-
7 Aspects Of a Dynamic Presentation-

Communication Skills
Creative Writing - Communication
Short, visual stories that you make with family and friends to read, share and print.
9 HO- ZooBurst

ZooBurst is a digital storytelling tool that lets anyone easily create his or her own 3D pop-up books. Sign up! Learn More. Premium ZooBurst accounts are ...

This I Believe
This I Believe is an international project engaging people in writing, sharing, and discussing the core values that guide their daily lives.
Short statements of belief

The project is based on the popular 1950s radio series of the same name hosted by Edward R. Murrow.

10 - DEMO This I Believe Thirty Things I Believe…
by 6 year old - Tarak McLain

This I BelieveThis I Believe essay assignment is one of the most rewarding assignments given in many years of teaching.
The Beatles Live On  by sixth grader Macklin Levine

A Duty to Family, Heritage, and Country-  by middle school student Ying Ying Yu

Inner Strength from Desperate Times -   by high school student Jake Hovenden

Finding the Flexibility to Survive-  by high school student Brighton Earley

America's Beauty Is in its Diversity -  by high school student Alaa El-Saad

Accomplishing Big Things in Small Pieces
by college freshman William Wissemann
Three Minute Tales
Tell a three-five minute story

Writing a 500-word story "strikes at the very heart of the short story as a project, which is to get something going rapidly.“
Sample: 3 minute Stories

Round 7 StoriesSend us original works of fiction
One of the characters tells a joke
One of the characters cries

Our Round 6 winner was "A Saint And A Criminal" by Lauri Anderson.

Creative Writing FanFiction
Allows your students to take movies and books beyond the imagination

Predict/create sequels/prequels to them!
Publish to an audience of 1 (teacher) or 1,000 ( readers in FanFiction)

FanFiction.Net Member Statistics Population of 2,400,000 members

3,300,000 stories

Fanfiction deleted over 20,500 users for infringement.

PAGE 99 Test – If you read page 99 and you want to flip to 100 you must

Student Interactives See All Student Interactives

Engage your students in online literacy learning
Interactive tools
Organizing their thoughts
Learning about language—all while having fun.
Grades   6 – 12  |  Student Interactive  |  Inquiry & Analysis
Elements of the hero's journey
Analyze a text
Follows the hero's journey pattern
Start creating a hero story of their own
Sample Lessons & Activities
Political Cartoon
Age Span: 13-18 -Time Allotment: 30 Minutes

Curriculum Alignment:
Social Studies/History/Government
Standards: The National Standards for History
Understands recent developments in foreign and domestic politics.
Understands economic, social, and cultural developments in contemporary United States.
All students, given the Animation-Ish program, will create a political cartoon based on a current event.
Instructions for Activity:
User GuideFableVision Learning
Classroom Edition User's Guide
Please click on the button below to download the User's Guide PDF.  

11 - HO- Mapskip
makes the world a canvas for our stories and photos – NEAT FOR Non-Fictional Story Writing about locations
create a weave of stories about the places in our lives

And many of our stories are about places.
Where we fell in love, had the dream vacation, took that great picture or, well, joined the rebellion.
Many other places that anchor our lives - where we live, eat, work and have fun.
Exploring the world through shared stories and pictures about all the places in our lives.
Will this student pass the test?
My school is beginning discussion of formal oral presentation skills as part of our graduation requirements.

Skills for success – CORE SKILLS - employers seek.
Communication (oral & written)
Creativity & Problem-solving
Critical and analytical thinking
Information gathering, evaluation & synthesis
Collaboration & Teamwork
Ambition, self-awareness & an inquiring mind
Know more about the world-(Global citizens)
Think outside the box- (Creativity and innovation)
Community involvement

Using Web 2.0 Tools and Social Networking
for Global Collaborative Learning
Project Overview
Friendly letters with email
Compared cultures
Connect: Skype/Video Conf
Completed “documentary”
Connecting classrooms in 200 countries
13 million students & teachers

Digital Storytelling
Holidays and Festivals
Around the World
Global Warming
Natural Disasters

Projects - Collaborations

12 - HO- The Way We Are
The Way We Are
What makes me who I am?
Collaborative learning experience
Learn about the daily lives
Climates and geography
Live in other regions of the world.
Epals – 1-2 week assignments written by teachers - sign up for an account

Whiteboard Evaluation Project
TEST Me - CoSketch
is another whiteboard that you can collaborate to visualize your ideas and share them as images. The good thing is that, you don’t have to register or install anything. It works in all browsers, it’s real time and you can get an embed code for your drawing after you finish.

Welcome to Cosketch!

To paint with someone, copy the address in your browsers adress-bar and send to those you want to paint with.
Unsaved sketches will be deleted 10mins after the last user has left the room.

By using cosketch you accept the user agreement.

13 -HO-Project Based Learning-STEM
STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.


All play an integral part in the teaching of the whole. The science, engineering, and mathematics fields are made complete by the technology component that provides a creative and innovative way to problem solve and apply what has been learned.
Project Based Learning
Project Based Learning in Hand Reflection

Tony Vincent's Learning in Hand - 
Project Based Learning
Project-Based Instruction: Encouraging Real World Application

S.T.E.M.- Disney Projects in the Classroom-Design a Theme Park
Design an attraction for Disney World

Topics: Project Based Learning, patent research, gather data, sketch ideas, build models, presentations, testing ideas and complete the project.
Interesting Disney Patents“Disney Patents a “Flying Entertainment Vehicle”Amusement ride for traveling down a water chute with reduced splash

Theme Park Design
Spread over 50 chapters, Steve takes us through every step of theme park design from an engineer's perspective, making this book very unique. The Walt Disney Imagineering books favor the artistic side of Imagineering while Steve shows us everything that has to happen once the designs are set. After reading Theme Park Design, you will garner a monumental sense of what it takes to design and construct an attraction.

Online class that lets you study at your own pace. You'll explore:art direction
story writing
themed architecture
ride control
show control
audio and video
mechanics and hydraulics

What is CyberSurgeons?

You and your teammates solve unusual medical cases as your mercy ship travels up the Amazon River
Core Curricclum Area:

14 - HO -Your time to explore pg 16-20
Language Arts
Jerome Burg:- Google Lit Trips

Enhance Your Study of History
find images of the people, places, and events you are studying, and incorporate these images into your lessons.

A Place in Time with Google Tools [PDF, Podcast, Video]
Project plan using Google Earth, Groups, and News Archive Search to study history and landmark
historical photos.Cheryl Davis, Teacher

Problem Solving--Guide to Critical Thinking--Academic Support

15 HO- Questionaut
Journey through strange worlds and test your knowledge of English, Maths and Science
Magical mission-recover your friend’s hat.
Analysis: Questionaut has enough wonder and imagination here for gamers of all ages.


16 HO- Cool Cat Teacher Blog Teaching students with new tools, enthusiasm, and belief that teaching is a noble calling.

17 HO-
Wiggio is a completely free, online toolkit that makes it easy to work in groups. With Wiggio you can: - keep shared calendar (with text message reminders) - poll ...

18 HO- PBS IN EDUCATION PBS LearningMedia Has Launched ... Have You?
Browse Collection by Subject

Click to see a collection of 14,000+ resources by subject area.

Visual Literacy-Story Telling
Storytelling in 20 photos...
1. Someone I spend alot of time with
2. A picture of myself
3. A picture of someone in my family
4. A picture of something that makes me happy
5. An old picture of myself
6. A picture of a sibling
7. Class photo
8. A random photo of you and your significant other
9. A picture I havent posted online before
10. A relative of mine
11. Someone I tell everything to
12.  A picture from my everyday life
13. A picture from a place I love
14. A picture that reminds me of old times
15. A picture from a great night
16. An unusual picture
17. A picture of my spare time
18. A picture of people who are closest to me
19. A picture of someone who is always there
20. A picture of a time in life I miss

Leila's Blog - Emerald City Girl 

Science – Best of Web 2.0
7 Virtual Field Trips Every Teacher Ought to Know About
They're free.
They don't take a lot of time to set up.
No applications or paperwork to fill out.
Every student in the class can go.
Students love them because they're fun.
Teachers love them because they get students involved and engaged.

19 - HO-SimpleK12

1. Google Art Projects
 2. Google Sky
 3. Smithsonian
5. The Oxford University Museum of Natural History
6. National Museum of the United States Air Force 7. Inside the White House
Explore the world
Simulations that are realistic
Students will believe they have left the classroom.  

Social Studies – Best of Web 2.0
1606-establish the first permanent English colony in the New World.
Virginia-called their colony James Towne
Half of the settlers died due to poor choices
settlement location
management of resources
quarrels with the indigenous Powhatan Indians.

Can you do any better than the real colonists?
You can learn from the mistakes of history.

This simulation asks students questions and then creates a newspaper about becoming president.
George Washington's World for Kids
Mount Vernon Mount Vernon, Virginia
Discover the real Washington at home and at war.
Explore a 3D Mount Vernon in search of artifacts
Meet the people who lived and worked on his estate.
Serve as gun captain at Washington's greatest moment of military achievement, the siege of Yorktown.
National Geographic's Map Machine

Collection of maps in a searchable online database.
Start with the Map Machine categories
Searchable: world maps, satellite maps of Mars, Globe Explorer aerial imagery

Interesting Ways* to use

-------------------- END EXPLORE SITES HERE -------------

17-HOGoogle Maps in the Classroom Short list: My TOP 7

Google MAP Project: Lewis and Clark

Q: Where did the Lewis and Clark expedition start?
Q: Where did the Lewis and Clark expedition end ?
Q: What date did it start ?
Q: Name the forts that were built
Q: Where are the forts located
Q: How many went on the expedition
Q: Find a map of the Lewis and Clark expedition
Q: What did Lewis and Clark find on their epic expedition across North America?
Q: Make a list of cities (today's names) that Lewis and Clark traveled through
Q: What is a KMZ file ?

– Best of Web 2.0

18 –HO MagicPen
Shapes you draw-affected by three basic principles: gravity, friction, and inertia.
Physics. Drawn shapes will fall to the ground, bump against each other, and sit still unless acted upon by another moving shape.
Draw any object you please, but Magic Pen automatically smooths out jagged edges into a more block-like shape. Game is mouse-driven-click and start drawing.
Game Instructions
One of the most genius games ever.

PLAY: Link here: MagicPen

Link here:

Check out the 1,422,135 SCRATCH
projects from around the world!

19-HO - STEM
Math by Design  provides students the opportunity to learn geometry and measurement concepts in a virtual environment. As junior architects of a community park and environmental center, students are tasked with building a skateboard ramp, planning a picnic area and other fun interactive challenges

Johnnie’s Math Page
Cool Math This fully interactive site and allows the user to sharpen basic math skills, play games and explore new math concepts.
Interactive Math Websites for the K-2 Classroom: Counting, Sequencing, Skip counting
5. - Number line and 100’s Chart
7.     Cardinal directions (over, through, under, above)

Will I ever use Math in the real WORLD?

Develop Information Processing Skills
Mastering “crap detection 101” isn’t easy” Clive Thompson
Scientific researchers asked a group of students to look up answers to a series of questions.

Not surprisingly, the kids relied on Web pages at the top of Google’s results list.
Mastering “crap detection 101” isn’t easy” Clive Thompson
Researchers switched the order of results

Most students were easily tricked

Relied on the (falsely) top-ranked pages.

The average high school and college student….

Unable to discern the hidden agendas

This naïveté is largely the fault of schools, which rarely teach critical thinking.




21 – HO Google A-Z
Google offers a lot of free products and services for a wide variety of purposes.
Have you ever wondered just how many there are?
Where you can find them all?
Peter Beens has compiled a list of them all.
The list can be found in this public Google Document.

Wolfram|Alpha gives you access to the world's facts, without searching. See what everyone is talking about.
Wolfram|Alpha is more than a search engine. It gives you access to the world's facts and data and calculates answers across a range of topics, including science ...

"planes overhead"
I can never get family tree straight, I typed in "first cousin twice removed" and WolframAlpha gave me this:
A few things to try: ( updated 11-1-2011 )
enter any food 1 apple + 2
enter any food 1 apple + 2 oranges
enter any measurement 45 mph
enter any chemical formula H2SO4
enter any musical notes C Eb G C
Searching the NET- The Good-Bad-Ugly
Searching - Assessment - Truth or Trash (Download)
Planes overhead – WOW!!!
Truth-or-TRASH Worksheets
Worksheets developed as a means of teaching students about the Internet.
Internet can be a tremendous resource for gathering information about a topic
Students often did not have the skills to discern useful information from worthless data.

Creativity-Innovation-Problem Solving
Inventive Thinking and Creativity
Inventive Thinking and Creativity

Thinking games and puzzles

>>> Check out Cloud-Practice

Critical Thinking - Problem Solving

Design Squad Teacher's Guide — The Gateway to 21st Century Skills
DESIGN SQUAD . Teachers Guide | PBS KIDS GO!

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

1. Classroom Newsletter  
2. Student Book Talk  
3. Persuasive Speech 
4. Course Annoucements  
5. Testing
6. Create a Dialog
7. Vocabulary
8. Foreign Language
10. Media Reports
11. Poetry and Music Composition
12. Voki Your PowerPoint

13. Story Writing and Telling
14. Avatar Conversation And A Flip Camera
15. Put A Voki In Your Glogster
16. Scavenger Hunts
17. Exchange Voki Avatars With Others
18. Developing Characters In Stories And Books 
19. English As A Second Language
20. Test review

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I just found 43 more !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Glogster Great way to share posters and images you’ve made with friends
  2. Edmodo Social learning environment and one of the best ways to teach with tech
  3. Free application to brainstorm online
  4. Twitter The micro blogging service that many love or hate.
  5. Prezi Innovative way to share presentations without PowerPoint
  6. Animoto Make beautiful videos from images in a snap
  7. Blabberize Make your images talk…that’s right.
  8. Weebly Create your own website or blog, very easy to use
  9. Flickr Popular photo-sharing site now lets you print
  10. Slideshare Don’t waste your presentation after it’s over, share it with millions!
  11. Audioboo Easily record and share audio
  12. GoogleSites Make your own website while knowing nothing about websites!
  13. Delicious One of the top social bookmarking sites on the web
  14. Diigo Popular social bookmarking site
  15. Wordle Create a beautiful aggregation of any amount of text
  16. Tagxedo Like Wordle-a step farther as text can be used to build bigger images
  17. Zoho A great alternative to Google Apps
  18. Primarypad Web-based word processor
  19. Spicy Nodes Innovative way to organize your web visits
  20. Voki Get your own avatar and even have it talk with your voice
  21. DoInk Create animations using this simple website
  22. Scratch Create and share stories, games, art, etc.
  23. Kerpoof Cool way to make a movie, card, picture, and share it all
  24. SmartKiddies Creative math and other educational problems to help everyone learn
  25. Bitstrips Make and share your own comic strips with thousands of others
  26. Popplet An easy way to share visual ideas
  27. Zoo Burst Digital storytelling tool- create 3D pop-up books.
  28. Storybird Build your own stories (with images)- share Storyjumper Create stories and bring them to life
  29. Aviary Myna Make your own music or remix
  30. TimeToast Timeline visualization tool- history
  31. GoAnimate for schools State of the art animation tools
  32. Schoology Learning management, online education tools, and much more
  33. Google Timeline A unique way to view the news
  34. Online-Convert Convert anything to anything (audio, video, text, etc.)
  35. ReadWriteThink Tons of classroom resources and PD goodies
  36. Word Magnets Phonics reinforcement and sentence building exercise
  37. Museum Box Innovative way to understand history
  38. Atmosphir A build-your-own video game
  39. Empressr Rich media presentation tool
  40. EasyBib The free automatic bibliography and citation maker
  41. ToonDooSpaces Easily publish custom comic strips
  42. Crocodoc Annotate and edit PDFs

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